Hej! I’m Stephanie, a photographer based in Stockholm, Sweden that is originally from Bavaria in Germany. Getting to tell love stories is the best, obviously!

Three fun things about me:

  1. I’m extremely curious and open to trying new things, often to the despair of my family. I maybe read an article about how it’s better to sleep on the floor one day and our beds could be up for sale on blocket the next!
  2. I love planning travels to adventurous and inconvenient locations. When the location is too cozy, I will suggest to exclusively hike instead of using transportation.
  3. I’m very solution-oriented: my motto is, where there’s a will, there’s a way.

My husband Kim and I met during an art project, I took his portrait : ) We live with our very energetic little daughter Aino and our tortoise cat Plommon in an apartment at the brink of an industrial area in Stockholm, which I like to romanticise by pretending it’s Brooklyn. The apartment was supposed to be a store originally, every room has a wall that is a floor to ceiling window. The photographer approves! I immediately moved my studio to one of the rooms to make use of the light.

If there’s downtime I like writing different endings for my favourite tv show (Homeland) and explore coffee places to meet friends & eat cinnamon buns. Kim and I also enjoy preparing elaborate brunches and we are literally unable to cook fast uncomplicated dinners.

A quality that makes me awesome to have at a wedding is that I thrive in fast paced situations! Everything slows down to slow motion and a step-by-step guide of what to do next appears in front of my inner eye. After 12 years as a photographer, there isn’t much I haven’t seen and I really enjoy talking to people and making them feel comfortable.

Who are you?

You are planning a fun, adventurous and dreamy wedding with your favourite people and you want your photos to be full of life. You can also relate a bit too much to the “Don’t grow up, it’s a trap” poster.

Sounds like you? Say hi via +46 (0)760267531 or at hej@stephaniewiegner.com!

I offer full day wedding photography and love to travel.